Yvette Dionne, RD, NBC - HWC

Yvette Dionne

Community Health Educator

Yvette Dionne, RD, NBC - HWC

Yvette is a dynamic client and quality oriented coach and nutrition expert who focuses on overall Wellness with a realistic approach to maintainable lifestyle change.

Her outlook fosters a Positive impact on the health and wellbeing of those she works with.

Yvette offers:

  • One on one nutrition education and health and wellness coaching
  • Various Group Programs
  • Community outreach to all ages
  • Occasional consulting for menu planning for varied community groups

Yvette is:

  • A team member and lead in event planning
  • A contributor to audit preparation and care improvement planning
  • Responsible for Special Diabetes Program for Indians/Alaska Natives (SDPI) program grant maintenance, auditing, and reporting
  • Lead for the Food Rx grant program

Email: ydionne@mptn.org
Phone: 860-312-8037